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The Den | Weekend home in Panchgani

Open and Inviting

This one acre property came with a built up house of 4500 sqft. The client came with a request to upgrade the old toilets and minor civil changes but as work progressed the project turned into a full fledged renovation , both through the exterior landscape and hardscape changes as well as the internal renovation and additional components
The idea with the initial discussions with the client was to retain the time stamp of the house and build around its strengths to make it more welcoming and homely.
The family room has a hip roof with a generous height and a skylight at the peak to enhance on which faux wooden beams were added. The space is lit with classic light fixtures in four corners, a collage of assorted art pieces hang on the media wall done in brickwork and the furniture layout including a common seating, a card table and a reading nook creates different conversation spaces in a cosy setting. All the loose furniture in the house was custom designed and built to be simple and easily maintainable. The five rooms of the house all were designed with the approach of easy usability for guests of the client.
The house is brought to life with colour art & heirloom. Most of the art was sourced from Dastagir- an annual art exhibition in Pune featuring nation-wide artists and art styles.

Bungalow Facade
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